Learning Facilities and Activities

Computer Room (Room 601)

Provides 25 computers and related equipment for Form 4 to Form 6 students to study.

ITLC (Room 602)

Provides 36 computers for junior form students to attend classes.

Open daily after school for student use.


Two 500Mbps dedicated optical fibers are used for external connection, providing high-speed, stable and redundant 24-hour connection.

The internal backbone network uses 40Gbps connection to support various learning activities.


The whole school is covered by a high-speed wireless network to support various learning activities. The wireless network capacity can conduct more than 60 online classrooms simultaneously and uninterrupted throughout the day.

3D printer

For students to use after class without prior application, unlimited supply of printing consumables.

Laser cutter

For students to use after class (must be supervised by a teacher with a designated license), unlimited supply of consumables.


For students to learn microchip control to enhance students' skills and creativity.


For students to learn programming to operate multiple drones at the same time.

iPad & Notebook

There are nearly 100 mobile devices in the school for learning activities.

AI Programming

Provides curricular and extracurricular artificial intelligence courses to expose students to innovative technologies.


Provides in-class and extra-curricular programming courses to allow students to build programming skills.

Hardware learning/testing platform

For students to learn and test computer hardware.