School Motto

Wind coming from various directions howling and encouraging
Fire can never burn away the grass on the prairie as it grows again when spring breezes blow.”
Implying enlightenment and being refreshed as if showered in spring breezes.
Development of win-win moral sentiments.
Confucius: Wind, the virtue of Junzi.

Wind represents demeanour, in one’s prime time and charm - noble ethics and excellent temperament.


Legal system, legal boundaries (also means restraint, appropriate behaviour)
Junzi acts properly, speaks properly and behaves properly.
Broad-minded - tolerance, acceptance
Inner: think with an open mind

Outer: act properly








Implying patterns and adherence to rules and order
Astronomy, Humanities
Implying artistic spectrum: literature and literary grace

The term can be used for describing people: gentle and graceful.






It means colour.
Colour - character, manner, literary characteristics
It is used for describing people: charismatic
Elegance - the character and moral aspect of CHOI
Literary Grace - the creative aspect of CHOI
Glory- the energy aspect of CHOI

Spirit - the appearance and behavioral aspect of CHOI